Somewhere Inside

from by ShamGrammar



its a sign of the times
to show no interest in
another's well-being
"these hands aren't for helping"
reminds me that i'm
one in a trillion, melting
in the brilliant sun
and the shade is fading
still stay on my grind
blood, sweat and tears aside
somewhere inside there's
still a soul that hides
on this incline we climb
two steps forward
three back and it stays like that
i guess its just a flawed design

depraved or devine,
the brain or the mind
press play or rewind.
the slave or paid wage,
the saint or the sage,
the script or blank page.
the line that we stand in
we write on, we draw
in the sand so that
sides are known.
the land that we build on
we farm with, we pave over
we claim that we own.

(verse 1)
the next face that you see
could become your best friend
or already be your worst enemy.
and that's not destiny
its a little bit closer to serendipity.
you want pity for your petty problems.
chances are in yourself
you possess the power
to solve them.
but instead of searching
you go on hurting
and mega-negativity
is what you're exerting.


(verse 2)
the next time that you
are eating, not snacking
but four-course meal
try to imagine just
for a single moment
how many are lacking,
not only this luxury,
but even basic nutrition.
its sickening
we call it the human condition,
the same water we drink
is the water we piss in
and fish in.
we can barely even
make our own decisions
they're made for us
by a man of vision
on the television.
with pre-programmed wisdom.

mind, body and soul.
universe, temple or prison.
what's a sin and
what's forgiven?



from All The Notes (Still Hear), released December 13, 2014