(verse 1)
for every season
there are several reasons
i continue bleeding
through this pen.
the ink's a seed planted,
each rhyme a tree,
granted it gets recorded.
either way i kill pages.
uneven advantage,
war is waged, lives saved,
minds changed.
long range, kersey-type
architecture, light reflects
camoflauge texture,
disappear at night,
seem strange.
only focus on
what remains.
only knowing what they're told,
not finding things out on their own.

i shine like a star,
not as in a celebrity,
as in a desolate, lonely rock
far in the depths of your galaxy.
the difference between
fantasy and falacy.
the difference between
rain and a hurricane.

there is a balance
we all try to maintain.

(verse 2)
now it may be true
that no man is an island
but i am a mountain,
chop you down
with the edge of my hand
or my mic stand like iggy.
stay away from that star dust,
trust, i don't wanna be
depressed like ziggy.
sneak like fog through
your city to one step
above a hole in the wall
to get busy.

who we are, other than
a superstar, is not important,
but i know that
you're important
and i also know that
i'm important. you and i
don't really wanna be superstars.
we only know what matters.
forget the latest chatter,
the radio, the drive-thru
the malls, the satellites
all i want is what is right.
the sounds in the night
always seem more radiant,
though the imagery may
be more gradient
shades, light fades
faces change, your game
is a little different
than the real world.

your name's
a little less important
than that of who you'd
steal for, provide meals for.
feels more or less
like the more we live
the more we stress,
but we can make it
if we progress.
we got to digress from hatred
in order to proccess
the respect we need
to meet at the next step.
the concept is not too complex,
it just requires that we all
acquiesce to the self.

conciousness cannot
exist without oneness.

the earth's climate, atmosphere
chemical make-up
distance from the sun,
its all so clear,
we're all here for her,
to assist in sustaining
sustaining the biosphere.

there is a balance
we all try to maintian.


from All The Notes (Still Hear), released December 13, 2014