Dance A Little

from by ShamGrammar



i don't know where i ever
thought my music would go
i just always knew
that it was in my soul.
whether or not it sells
or sits on your shelf
or is compressed on a hard drive
and left to itself.

i just wanna make you sing
maybe even dance a little
if that's your thing
or a lot, or just nod your head
if not, i get ya out of bed first thing
in the morning, no need
for an alarm clock to ring.

i just wanna make ya think
about what it means to be
who you truly are
no lights, no camera
just the sun, moon and stars
and no a.d. to yell action.
when you wake up each day
that's act one, scene one.
there's no cuts, no retakes
no green room, no gold plates
no reality tv editing,
no make-overs
no green screen,
that's so fake.
you're just another day older.
i know that weight on your shoulders
can feel like the world sometimes
that's why we learn to break boulders.
some may crumble in the middle
like clay.
others may take days
to chisel away.
don't let it sway you
remain sturdy
when they do you dirty
and try to play you,
don't become them,
stay you.
a real friend wouldn't
betray you, they would
stay true to the end.
i know sometimes its fun
to pretend
but there's a big difference
you see
between following your dreams
and living in a fantasy.
trying to be the man
of the year
like lebowski
on the cover of time magazine.

when we've got so much to achieve
and its you and its me.
i just know what i believe
and its you and its me.

too many alive, but not enough living.
too many to feed, but not enough giving.
too many are living, but not enough alive.
too many feast, while not enough allowed to thrive.



from All The Notes (Still Hear), released December 13, 2014