Born Explorers

from by ShamGrammar



i'll just keep traveling
down this road.
i see the whole world
out in front of me.
and there's so many things
that i've been told.
some of them i hold
and some i just let go.

(verse 1)
i'm the pilot
on my makeshift
backyard spaceship.
born to explore,
record and erase shit.
build stuff and break it,
take it to that other level
heaven, man, i don't know
if i'm gonna make it.
but i do try to live right.
respect people's rights
and give equal light
to thoughts from deep inside
insight. at midnight
we launch pad the quarter pipe.
take flight.
into starry skies
we rise, our batteries
are re-energized.
it should come as
no surprise, even though
it may take you a little while
to realize. realization,
quit wasting your vacation
and put in work in some
off-time motivation.
motivate your soul,
meditate your role,
motivate your goal,
meditate your soul.

i'm here to tell those listening
to just keep on travelling,
the whole world's out there
for you. don't miss a thing,
don't stop exploring.
i'm here to tell those travelling
to just keep on listening
the whole world's out there
for you, don't miss a thing. x2

don't stop exploring
life's not boring.
life's not boring
as long as you
keep on exploring.
so start enjoying it,
life's not boring
as long as you're
exploring it.


(verse 2)
so let go, let life unfold.
let there be many more days
of growing old,
and of feeling young
and of wondering where
has the time gone?
or where did she
come from?
or where is she now?
or why did she leave?
man, i lost her somehow.
looking back it all seems
like the same old game,
but when you're caught
in the moment, its so new
and so insane.
it happened so fast,
now its all gone in a flash.
i lost her somehow.
where did she go?
where is she now?



from All The Notes (Still Hear), released December 13, 2014