Around It Goes

from by ShamGrammar



gimme room, gimme room to breathe
gimme something true to believe
gimme food, gimme food to eat
and preferably something that
won't lead to disease.
gimme magic with no tricks
up your sleeve
and gimme dreams, gimme dreams
i can achieve.
can achieve when i awake
from my deep sleep
but i haven't slept deep
in at least three weeks.
gimme hope, gimme faith in myself.
gimme something i can use
then give to someone else.
and around and around it goes
and around and around it goes.

and its then
and its now
and its when
when somehow we
become lost i suppose
the best way, the best way
to be found
is to start back over again.

give me tradition, don't give me trend.
give me traction, don't give me tread.
give me rope, don't give me thread.
the first thing that they draw
on the hangmans' his head. x2

give me flour, don't give me bread
give me the stove,
give me the fire instead.
violence is blue
but when blood flows
it shows red.
shit, there's no company check
worth shedding it.
much less my tears n' sweat
you can keep your private jet
i'll stick with my self respect.
working man always
sticking out his neck
axe chop
help wanted
need a job?
go and rob.
its fleece or floss
even the boss man taking losses
like a water fountain coin toss.
its fleece or floss
even the boss man taking losses
like a 50/50 heads or tails
coin toss.



from All The Notes (Still Hear), released December 13, 2014