All The Notes

from by ShamGrammar



there's nothing stopping you,
its got to do with who's mocking you.
there's no one facing you,
you've got to move, but you do it too slow.
there's something left in you,
you've got to find what'll get you through.
when there's nothing left to do but sing the the blues.
good thing that you know.

you know all the notes. man, you got all the quotes.
my written is never bitten, my vision is never ending,
my pen will never give in, i'm winning.
no split decisions, don't care which division
you say you're representing.
i calmly tell you that i'm with the living
so now you walking with zombies
got those innervisions foggy.
a bit dodgy. watch, i lead you through
the patch in the valley to the gulch.
your gut feeling my be to resist or just react
but the best response is to sit back
and mind melt, 'cause time's felt relatively.
don't let it get you dizzy.
just pick a spot and focus
and put the world on notice.
and get to knowing yourself,
or get to knowing who else is out there,
or get to growing your health,
or get to knowing somebody new,
or get to know your friends
the way they know you.
don't think about what's owed
or what's borrowed, what's been said
or what's been seen.
no, don't think about tomorrow
because its right now.
not now, but right now.
you can try to sneak up on it
but somehow life will turn right around
and stare you down when you're trying
not to face it, so just embrace it.
you feel it getting away from you
then go and chase it.
you can't set the pace,
but you can lap it.
stop and take a moment
to look back at what you crafted.
because there's one art that's
never mastered.
and even when it feels
like things are backwards
you keep moving forward
enduring each disaster.

a baby's cries, an old man's laughter.
what exactly is it that you're after?
is it right there in your grasp
or to you does it even matter? x2



from All The Notes (Still Hear), released December 13, 2014