All The Notes (Still Hear)

by ShamGrammar

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"All The Notes (Still Hear)", Sham's follow up to 2008's "Lend An Ear". This collection of songs, having survived a hard-drive crash, a change in address, a stint of unemployment and few other trials and tribs we won't go into here, finally sees the light of day. This is also Sham's first album featuring beats made using the MPC2000, of which there's certainly more to come. Hopefully without as long of a wait in-between.

All songs written and recorded between June 2010 - December 2012.


released December 13, 2014

All music and lyrics written by ShamGrammar.
All noises made by Sham except the part on track 04 which is a sample of Jason Lee's voice from some movie where he's famous.



Track Name: All The Notes
there's nothing stopping you,
its got to do with who's mocking you.
there's no one facing you,
you've got to move, but you do it too slow.
there's something left in you,
you've got to find what'll get you through.
when there's nothing left to do but sing the the blues.
good thing that you know.

you know all the notes. man, you got all the quotes.
my written is never bitten, my vision is never ending,
my pen will never give in, i'm winning.
no split decisions, don't care which division
you say you're representing.
i calmly tell you that i'm with the living
so now you walking with zombies
got those innervisions foggy.
a bit dodgy. watch, i lead you through
the patch in the valley to the gulch.
your gut feeling my be to resist or just react
but the best response is to sit back
and mind melt, 'cause time's felt relatively.
don't let it get you dizzy.
just pick a spot and focus
and put the world on notice.
and get to knowing yourself,
or get to knowing who else is out there,
or get to growing your health,
or get to knowing somebody new,
or get to know your friends
the way they know you.
don't think about what's owed
or what's borrowed, what's been said
or what's been seen.
no, don't think about tomorrow
because its right now.
not now, but right now.
you can try to sneak up on it
but somehow life will turn right around
and stare you down when you're trying
not to face it, so just embrace it.
you feel it getting away from you
then go and chase it.
you can't set the pace,
but you can lap it.
stop and take a moment
to look back at what you crafted.
because there's one art that's
never mastered.
and even when it feels
like things are backwards
you keep moving forward
enduring each disaster.

a baby's cries, an old man's laughter.
what exactly is it that you're after?
is it right there in your grasp
or to you does it even matter? x2

Track Name: Dirt Taste
sometimes i wonder if its all just a waste
like the scenarios are all only worst case
been isolated like a traveler in space
and people seem to leave me with a dirt taste
but when you look you won't see my hurt face
cuz i'm already gone, running my own race
you're running someone else's, just keeping pace
on the track by myself i'm always first place
the soul is the thing thats hard to erase

i go on and on until my pen breaks
for all the stupid mistakes that men make
for the hundredth time the future has been late

we wear moon boots on earth
-the future is late
call fake grass astroturf
-the future is late
our cars still ride surface
-the future is late
we've soiled the dirt
-the future is late
Track Name: They All Say
(verse 1)
there was a time
when he packed up his things
and he washed his hands clean
and said so much for remembering.
there was a day when
he put it all away
just frozen in time
for that moment it would stay.
if he could only change yesterday.
if there was only another way
for him to replace the one thing
he felt he lost when the door slammed,
she stormed out the room,
the lights turned grey.

if there was only another way
if he could only change yesterday.
yeah, that's what they all say
that's just time slipping away. x2

(verse 2)
there was a girl
and she meant the whole world
and he told her everday
that he felt this way.
there was a heart
that was born to be
torn apart, just lying in wait
and she took that bait.
first step date
second step hesitate
third step mate
fourth step decimate.
he didn't really stand a chance.
man, she really knew how to dance.

Track Name: Dance A Little
i don't know where i ever
thought my music would go
i just always knew
that it was in my soul.
whether or not it sells
or sits on your shelf
or is compressed on a hard drive
and left to itself.

i just wanna make you sing
maybe even dance a little
if that's your thing
or a lot, or just nod your head
if not, i get ya out of bed first thing
in the morning, no need
for an alarm clock to ring.

i just wanna make ya think
about what it means to be
who you truly are
no lights, no camera
just the sun, moon and stars
and no a.d. to yell action.
when you wake up each day
that's act one, scene one.
there's no cuts, no retakes
no green room, no gold plates
no reality tv editing,
no make-overs
no green screen,
that's so fake.
you're just another day older.
i know that weight on your shoulders
can feel like the world sometimes
that's why we learn to break boulders.
some may crumble in the middle
like clay.
others may take days
to chisel away.
don't let it sway you
remain sturdy
when they do you dirty
and try to play you,
don't become them,
stay you.
a real friend wouldn't
betray you, they would
stay true to the end.
i know sometimes its fun
to pretend
but there's a big difference
you see
between following your dreams
and living in a fantasy.
trying to be the man
of the year
like lebowski
on the cover of time magazine.

when we've got so much to achieve
and its you and its me.
i just know what i believe
and its you and its me.

too many alive, but not enough living.
too many to feed, but not enough giving.
too many are living, but not enough alive.
too many feast, while not enough allowed to thrive.

Track Name: Somewhere Inside
its a sign of the times
to show no interest in
another's well-being
"these hands aren't for helping"
reminds me that i'm
one in a trillion, melting
in the brilliant sun
and the shade is fading
still stay on my grind
blood, sweat and tears aside
somewhere inside there's
still a soul that hides
on this incline we climb
two steps forward
three back and it stays like that
i guess its just a flawed design

depraved or devine,
the brain or the mind
press play or rewind.
the slave or paid wage,
the saint or the sage,
the script or blank page.
the line that we stand in
we write on, we draw
in the sand so that
sides are known.
the land that we build on
we farm with, we pave over
we claim that we own.

(verse 1)
the next face that you see
could become your best friend
or already be your worst enemy.
and that's not destiny
its a little bit closer to serendipity.
you want pity for your petty problems.
chances are in yourself
you possess the power
to solve them.
but instead of searching
you go on hurting
and mega-negativity
is what you're exerting.


(verse 2)
the next time that you
are eating, not snacking
but four-course meal
try to imagine just
for a single moment
how many are lacking,
not only this luxury,
but even basic nutrition.
its sickening
we call it the human condition,
the same water we drink
is the water we piss in
and fish in.
we can barely even
make our own decisions
they're made for us
by a man of vision
on the television.
with pre-programmed wisdom.

mind, body and soul.
universe, temple or prison.
what's a sin and
what's forgiven?

Track Name: Around It Goes
gimme room, gimme room to breathe
gimme something true to believe
gimme food, gimme food to eat
and preferably something that
won't lead to disease.
gimme magic with no tricks
up your sleeve
and gimme dreams, gimme dreams
i can achieve.
can achieve when i awake
from my deep sleep
but i haven't slept deep
in at least three weeks.
gimme hope, gimme faith in myself.
gimme something i can use
then give to someone else.
and around and around it goes
and around and around it goes.

and its then
and its now
and its when
when somehow we
become lost i suppose
the best way, the best way
to be found
is to start back over again.

give me tradition, don't give me trend.
give me traction, don't give me tread.
give me rope, don't give me thread.
the first thing that they draw
on the hangmans' his head. x2

give me flour, don't give me bread
give me the stove,
give me the fire instead.
violence is blue
but when blood flows
it shows red.
shit, there's no company check
worth shedding it.
much less my tears n' sweat
you can keep your private jet
i'll stick with my self respect.
working man always
sticking out his neck
axe chop
help wanted
need a job?
go and rob.
its fleece or floss
even the boss man taking losses
like a water fountain coin toss.
its fleece or floss
even the boss man taking losses
like a 50/50 heads or tails
coin toss.

Track Name: Born Explorers
i'll just keep traveling
down this road.
i see the whole world
out in front of me.
and there's so many things
that i've been told.
some of them i hold
and some i just let go.

(verse 1)
i'm the pilot
on my makeshift
backyard spaceship.
born to explore,
record and erase shit.
build stuff and break it,
take it to that other level
heaven, man, i don't know
if i'm gonna make it.
but i do try to live right.
respect people's rights
and give equal light
to thoughts from deep inside
insight. at midnight
we launch pad the quarter pipe.
take flight.
into starry skies
we rise, our batteries
are re-energized.
it should come as
no surprise, even though
it may take you a little while
to realize. realization,
quit wasting your vacation
and put in work in some
off-time motivation.
motivate your soul,
meditate your role,
motivate your goal,
meditate your soul.

i'm here to tell those listening
to just keep on travelling,
the whole world's out there
for you. don't miss a thing,
don't stop exploring.
i'm here to tell those travelling
to just keep on listening
the whole world's out there
for you, don't miss a thing. x2

don't stop exploring
life's not boring.
life's not boring
as long as you
keep on exploring.
so start enjoying it,
life's not boring
as long as you're
exploring it.


(verse 2)
so let go, let life unfold.
let there be many more days
of growing old,
and of feeling young
and of wondering where
has the time gone?
or where did she
come from?
or where is she now?
or why did she leave?
man, i lost her somehow.
looking back it all seems
like the same old game,
but when you're caught
in the moment, its so new
and so insane.
it happened so fast,
now its all gone in a flash.
i lost her somehow.
where did she go?
where is she now?

Track Name: Maintain
(verse 1)
for every season
there are several reasons
i continue bleeding
through this pen.
the ink's a seed planted,
each rhyme a tree,
granted it gets recorded.
either way i kill pages.
uneven advantage,
war is waged, lives saved,
minds changed.
long range, kersey-type
architecture, light reflects
camoflauge texture,
disappear at night,
seem strange.
only focus on
what remains.
only knowing what they're told,
not finding things out on their own.

i shine like a star,
not as in a celebrity,
as in a desolate, lonely rock
far in the depths of your galaxy.
the difference between
fantasy and falacy.
the difference between
rain and a hurricane.

there is a balance
we all try to maintain.

(verse 2)
now it may be true
that no man is an island
but i am a mountain,
chop you down
with the edge of my hand
or my mic stand like iggy.
stay away from that star dust,
trust, i don't wanna be
depressed like ziggy.
sneak like fog through
your city to one step
above a hole in the wall
to get busy.

who we are, other than
a superstar, is not important,
but i know that
you're important
and i also know that
i'm important. you and i
don't really wanna be superstars.
we only know what matters.
forget the latest chatter,
the radio, the drive-thru
the malls, the satellites
all i want is what is right.
the sounds in the night
always seem more radiant,
though the imagery may
be more gradient
shades, light fades
faces change, your game
is a little different
than the real world.

your name's
a little less important
than that of who you'd
steal for, provide meals for.
feels more or less
like the more we live
the more we stress,
but we can make it
if we progress.
we got to digress from hatred
in order to proccess
the respect we need
to meet at the next step.
the concept is not too complex,
it just requires that we all
acquiesce to the self.

conciousness cannot
exist without oneness.

the earth's climate, atmosphere
chemical make-up
distance from the sun,
its all so clear,
we're all here for her,
to assist in sustaining
sustaining the biosphere.

there is a balance
we all try to maintian.